Kings Artist Run: What’s On at Kings

27 June  - 19 July 2014

Opening: Friday 27 June, 6 – 9pm
Front Gallery
Sophie Neate: Of Turning and syncing

Some materials possess an intrinsic ability to either conduct or insulate energy.

Some enable movement, others inhibit movement.

Movement touching non-movement creates friction.

Or tension.

Of turning and syncing is a solo exhibition investigating the activation that can occur at the point-of-contact between two surfaces. Using ceramic, aluminium, copper, paper and plastic intersections between materials are created as they rest upon, brush past, hook around and lift up.  The work examines: How sensitive is one surface to the touch of another? What is drawing a charge? And what is being drawn from?

I like to understand how materials work; what is at work in a material.

There is a sensuality to mechanical forms and materials that I attempt to elaborate in my practice. Using sculpture and installation, I initiate points-of-contact between surfaces, hoping to cause a spark or a sigh.


Middle and Side Galleries

Marcia Jane: Ribbon 1 & 2

Marcia Jane_Ribbon

Marcia Jane works with light, sound, pattern and frequency to make shimmering, slightly unstable assemblies.

 Botborg: Principles of Photosonicneurokinaesthography


The pnkg is a system whereby light and sound are forced into a self-feeding interaction. Through transformative processes in which light becomes sound, and vice versa, the conditioned response of the viewer to separate information into its separate sensory streams is disrupted. Likewise, through the avoidance of linguistic constructs such as representationalism, melody, and obvious causality in the flow of sound and image, the routing of information to language centres is also disrupted, forcing the brain to open new neural pathways in order to make sense of the information it is receiving.


Kings Artist Run proudly presents  Turn on, Ribbon 1 & 2 and Principles of Photosonicneurokinaesthography as part of our 2014 Limitless City Festival of Abstraction, Materiality and Authenticity.