KINGS Artist Run: What’s On at Kings

10 APRIL – 2 MAY 2015

Opening: Friday 10 April, 6 – 8pm
Kate Price Overall Jesus Rating
Kate Price
Overall Jesus Rating
During the recent soccer world cup the media likened the sport to a religion, even comparing some stars of the game to Jesus. Soccer’s ability to wield power and followings in a manner similar to religious groups, even having their own pin-up boys, forms the central discussion of this project, with comparisons between all facets of these organisations being made. At the basis is the questioning of how individuals are influenced and moulded through their experiences and interactions. What is the attraction to being involved and exposed to groups which contain these higher figures of authority and adoration and why do people have this desire to be included in the group. Utilising drawing, painting, collage and installation, both immediate research based sketches as well as works that are a manifestation of these enquiries will be presented. What power we give something can as easily be taken away. In our ever shifting and disposable western society we are forever searching for the Jesus of today, only to replace him later in the week if we find a bigger better version.
Kate Price currently lives and works in Melbourne. In 2012 she completed her Bachelor of Art (Fine Art) Honours at RMIT. She has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Melbourne and Utrecht, Holland including solo exhibitions at Blindside ARI, Seventh Gallery and Bus Projects.
Boe-Lin Bastian & Mark Reid

Yangmingshan is a two channel video installation comprised from footage shot in the Yangmingshan National Park outside Taipei. It is a collaborative project between Boe-lin Bastian and Mark Reid.

When the Republic of China Government moved from Nanking to Taiwan, Chiang Kai Shek took up residence in a traditional Japanese house in the Yangmingshan area.

Many years after his death, the residence was burnt down. The Mayor of Taipei did not wish to speculate on whether the fire was an act of political arson. He pointed out that historical buildings and monuments are blameless in times of conflict- that people are responsible for protecting these remnants of the past. The house was rebuilt in replica over the next few years.

Today the park is predominantly frequented by busloads of mainland Chinese tourists who visit its volcanos, hot springs and cherry blossoms. This work surveys the landscape, considering the frictions and inconsistencies between past and present, within the context of this historical site.

Boe-Lin Bastian’s recent projects have included a residency and exhibition with MoCA, Taipei (2014), Built (2014) a solo exhibition at Grass Mountain Chateau, Taipei, and Goal! (2014), an installation at Platform’s SAMPLE space.Boe-lin has exhibited throughout Australia, Asia and Europe and has received grants, commissions and residencies through Australia Council, NAVA, RMIT, Queensland Government, Firstdraft and Asialink.

Mark Reid is a Melbourne-based new media artist. His practice explores connections between landscape, experience and the mediated image, seeking to reveal different ways of relating to the environment and our psychological and emotional responses to it. He has been curated into exhibitions at Rencontres Internationales (Paris, Berlin, Madrid), Beam Contemporary, Screenspace, Gaffa Gallery and Art Not Apart Festival 2014.

Oliver Cloke
Oliver Cloke
Play’s the thing

Roll up, roll up, welcome to the show about you!

Welcome to the wonderful world of play making. This show permits a space for writing, costume play and set design. Aiming to empower the participants through their engagement with the objects in the room. Encouraging interactions in new and unusual ways. As you decide your character, you decide the part you play.  Maybe you will find something out about yourself or your fellow visitor when they put on a disguise!

What you can play with:

Costumes of various kinds
A script-making desk with photocopier
A prop and set design studio
A theatre space for play

Who can you play with:


The gallery leaves room for play, a setting out of ideas, an understanding of what is possible, and the freedom to choose what you do.

Recent works focus upon distinct themes regarding language, communication and play. What is of major interest is the disparity of languages; the problems, things unsaid, etymology, miscommunications and multiple interpretations. Paper plays a strong role, as a modus for communication, as a tactile surface for the capturing of ideas as well as its’ own nature as a malleable ‘space’.